The Only Marketing Expert You Should Listen to Is Your Customer

If I had a pound for every time someone told me things like “email is dead” or “young people don’t use Facebook” or “Pinterest just isn’t relevant to me because my target audience is male” I would be a rich man.

We read, hear talk of and form our own opinions about these types of nuggets of wisdom every single day. Some of them are derived from genuine scientific studies and research but with the context removed – and the meaning along with it. Some (most) of them are just baseless and meaningless hearsay.

There are a myriad of so called marketing experts queuing up to tell you about this platform and that platform, how you should be doing it this way or that – but there’s only one expert you should listen to. Your customer.

When was the last time you engaged a group of your customers in meaningful conversations about how they use Facebook – or how their needs and expectations are different when they log into Instagram – or why email is an indispensable tool for them? Ask them and they will show you the way.

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