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We build powerful brands with authentic marketing that people actually care about


digital strategy

Here at feral we think great marketing begins by answering two questions:

Who? we want to reach; and

What? we uniquely have to say

Our unique process brings your audience, how they think and how you can uniquely engage them into clear and sharp focus.

pillar content

We produce compelling original content that stars you and your team and expresses your authentic voice. 

From immersive podcasts to entertaining video and inspirational blog posts we craft content that people love and look forward to – at the frequency and scale to get you noticed and accelerate the growth of your tribe.

social amplification

Great content deserves a big audience. We know how to use social media to reach yours.

We amplify every story in a multitude of different ways – covering every angle and pulling the right triggers to get your audience engaging with and sharing your content as widely as possible – rocket fuelling your tribal growth.

social campaigns

Running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest can be one of the most cost effective ways to scale…

…but staying on top of algorithms, audiences and creative can be tough.

We take out the guesswork and do the heavy lifting to produce campaigns that deliver results. Fast.

performance websites

Your website is so much more than just another marketing channel. It’s the catalyst that glues everything together and the place where the real engagement happens.

We build beautiful, immersive, high performance websites to attract and engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.   


24/7 website support

Keeping your website finely tuned, secure and up to date can be costly – and dealing with emergencies can be painful.

Our website support plans offer 24/7 uptime monitoring; round the clock emergency support; plugin updates; daily performance optimisation; custom security and even unlimited edits for an affordable fixed monthly fee. 


our approach

You have something very special to offer.

You have seen with your own eyes how it makes people feel. 

You want the world to know.

Reflect for a moment on your own busy, hectic life. 

How theres always too much to do and not enough time.

How preciously you guard time doing the things you care about.  

And how much you hate it when those moments are interrupted.

The people you want to reach are busy getting on with their hectic lives too.

 In truth, they spend a tiny fraction of their time thinking about you or the stuff you have to sell.

So why do so many of us fall into the same marketing trap? Talking about ourselves to whoever we hope might listen?

There must be another way…

help don’t sell

Relationships are built on trust. Trust usually happens when we help each other. 

We help brands build relationships through uniquely helpful content that people actually care about. 

We generate unstoppable brand attention, engagement and trust and build loyal tribes.


Feral was set up by Roddy McLean – an experienced digital marketer and e-commerce expert with a background building successful online businesses. 

In his last corporate role Roddy spent 7 years as the global head of digital marketing for a $100M+ US based e-commerce business.  In 2016 he launched his own successful e-commerce business selling home décor products, quickly establishing the brand as one of the key players in the UK home interiors market. He also runs a successful digital marketing and e-commerce consulting business.

“I came up with the idea for Feral from my consulting work. I meet so many businesses who are struggling to build scaled attention and trust online and it struck me that most of us tend to make the same mistakes – not spending enough time to   really get to know the people we want to reach and spending too much time talking about ourselves and our products instead of helping. This is where I hope Feral can help.”   Roddy McLean



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